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Process Experts for business Excellence

Carving client companies for high performance with our superior quality consulting services.
Positive impact on the progress of the business.
Great environment where employees are happy working and helping them grow while we do.


Our Story

ProcessWhirl is the natural progression of a thought to create a happy workplace for focused individuals. Since inception ProcessWhirl is keen to build a team, that is passionate about seeing transformed organizations & instill high performance at individual and organization level.

Our prime focus has been & will be to help our clients operate to their full potential, and consistently improve upon the quality of their operation & service .

Our Name has a tiny story too. "Whirl" depicts rapid movement & with "Process" orientation in place, reaching the depth of any problem & arriving at a feasible solution becomes clear & effortless.

We firmly believe following a well-designed Process helps achieve great results, there by evolving & transforming the organisation in a progressive direction.

Our Team Our Strength

We are passionate about driving a holistic positive change to run & sustain the best business structures. Such Passion must be strongly backed by knowledge, innovation & experience, a highly qualified team with these qualities is our strength.

 We believe in creating an Impact that's valuable not just for an organization, but also the social system we exist in. Our services to our clients, make us their strategic partners, for we make their vision our mission. We aim & achieve changes at individual & organization level that are real, integrated with their business needs & growth.

We do not hold back from travelling a tough road to lead our client where they wish to go. At the end of every assignment, we gain a great relationship with the client & they have a reliable partner who responds promptly to their business needs. Realistic & result oriented is our approach to all the work we do.


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ProcessWhirl provides Consulting for

  • CMMI appraisal DEV
  • CMMI appraisal SVC
  • Training and Guidance
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    Assist and Support the teams in using any of the agile methodologies such as

  • Scrum
  • XP
  • Kanban
  • FDD etc..
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    Six Sigma helps in organizations to realize

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased throughput
  • productivity.
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    Business and Data Analytics

    Unlocks the hidden opportunities and insights for business growth and decision making.

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    People Practice

    We understand & find a solution pretty fast. We help our clients with the following services:

  • Quality resource outsourcing
  • Conducting HR Trainings
  • Leveraging campus recruitments
  • Resource Analysis
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    Training and Certification programs are customizable as per the business / individual needs to suit to their requirements in the following ways

  • Instructor lead
  • E-learning
  • Boot camp



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